The MRI for Businesses methodology© was created through the collaboration of both the original creators of the methodology – Dr. Max Garfinkle and Jerry Tarasofsky.

Dr. Max Garfinkle Ph.D. (deceased 1999)

Max received his Ph.D. in psychology from Columbia and Berkeley. His focus academically was in counselling psychology. In addition to creating a center for young adults, he got involved with many business leaders. He was instrumental in helping many of these senior executives and business owners with their organization issues which stimulated his interests in how organizations functioned.

He led the research initiative through his insatiable reading ability and his skill in identifying key elements from the hundreds of books and research paper that he covered. In collaboration with senior executives in several major companies, Max was able to have his efforts critiqued and eventually validated. At each phase he used Jerry’s business experience to assist in the efforts and the two spent hundreds of hours working through the process.

Jerry Tarasofsky BSC BA

A serial entrepreneur who since the early 60’s focused on technology opportunities. In his early years he helped develop the first trim program for the Pulp and Paper industry, the first remote tracking of liquid air cylinders, and the first business applications using computer time-sharing technology. He leveraged his technology understanding to become a consultant to multiple businesses particularly in adapting business applications to mini-computers from Data General, Digital Equipment Corporation and Wang.

In 1979 he co-founded the first advanced consumer/computer store chain in the world – Compucentre which amongst many other firsts marketed the first Apple computer – the Apple 1 and at one time was one of Apple’s largest distributors. As such he dwelt with Steve Jobs and Michael Scott (Apple’s first President) in the company’s formative years.

In 1984 he left Compucentre and partnered with Max to form one of the world’s first coaching business – Mage Centers for Management Development.

After Max passed away in 1999 he left Capability Snapshot and for the next 10 years based on a separate initiative that he and Max had developed for understanding customer feedback on web-sites Jerry co-founded and was CEO of the first voice of customer analytics company in the world – iPerceptions, a company that he took public in 2007.

In 2010 he returned to a virtually bankrupt Capability Snapshot Inc. totally reworked the software platform, tested various business models and rebranded the business offers.

Both Max and Jerry recognized the potential of their development in changing the business world and that still remains Jerry’s passion for the business’s future.