Customer Endorsements – Nick Whitley, President & CEO, KDC

“THE MRI for Business diagnostic from CSI Diagnostics is an excellent independent way of looking at the overall health of a business. We used it in our due diligence to validate customer perception on each of our targeted acquisitions. The MRI for Business diagnostic identified the areas of opportunities within these potential acquisitions. This gave us further insight on what areas we could use our own capabilities to drive improvements or bring in other resources once the deals closed.”
– Nick Whitley, President & CEO, KDC

Customer Endorsements - Gabriel Boardman, VP Marketing, MIP Inc.

“We’ve now applied The MRI for Business diagnostic three times on our company. The process was simple, the support available at all times and the results proven to be extremely useful, allowing us to initiate effective action plans. We value repeating the process to evaluate the success of our initiatives. It has been extremely beneficial in the continued growth and success of our business, and we plan on continuing its use in the years to come.”
– Gabriel Boardman, VP Marketing, MIP Inc.

“Three years ago as a consultant I engaged CSI to do a due ­diligence on a company on behalf of an angel group of investors. They proceeded with their investment in which the results of the Organization Optimizer© played a significant role. Shortly afterwards I took over as CEO of the company and I continue to use The MRI for Business diagnostic© annually to monitor the changes that we are implementing and evaluate the impact that these changes are making on our customers’ satisfaction. In my opinion this innovative resource should be used by every enterprise that wishes to do effective due diligence and measure its progress.”
Mort Grostern, CEO, Integral Security Systems

“We recently used The MRI for Business diagnostic© in our firm and were very impressed with the value it delivered.
In particular we identified the criteria that our customers identified that would improve their satisfaction in dealing with us. It has stimulated an initiative of meeting with all of them – the process of which has already resulted in additional business and increased customer retention. Customer feedback was very positive about the process.
It was also interesting to get the perspectives of our staff on our company. The confidential nature of the process allowing them to freely express themselves. That led to some surprises.
CSI Diagnostics is to be congratulated for the ease of implementation, efficiency and having the report delivered within 7 working days.
in addition to improved communications with our customers, we have identified many additional initiatives to undertake over the next months and we look forward to running it again to monitor progress.”
– Mathieu Jacques, President, Micro-Fix

BDG & Partners manage a Private Equity Fund that is dedicated to the acquisition of Canadian SMEs. As part of the due diligence process of a recent transaction, CSI proved to be a valuable collaborator assessing the solidity of the business relationships we were buying in. CSI’s approach to surveying the target’s clientele was structured and well communicated. Consequently, CSI delivered an insightful report in a very timely manner, allowing us to move forward in the acquisition process with greater assurance.

-BDG & Partners