Successful entrepreneurs and businesspeople will attest that listening to customers is basic to any business’s success. The issue is HOW to listen and be able to identify and impact positive change.

Customer satisfaction is a subjective resource and varies over time and is dependent on events that have occurred at or around the time they are assessed.

The MRI For Business Customer Feedback module changes that paradigm by providing quantitative metrics based on measuring the organizations core long-term operational capabilities that evaluate and identify where ongoing changes are required for improvement, while better understanding customer expectations.

Surveys that identify shipping issues/problems for example are useful but fixing the organizations operating structure and related communications mechanisms so that they do not reoccur requires a different approach.

True customer loyalty that drive repeat business and positive relations is based on creating ways that customers ongoing issues and expectations are addressed; that its brand and good will are protected and enhanced.

While it’s easy to run a customer survey that gives a numerical ‘happy or unhappy’ score, or subjective answers of what is liked or not liked feedback, the MRI For Business Customer Feedback module uncovers the root issues that may be inhibiting the company’s growth and creating barriers to improving loyalty.

The MRI For Business Customer Feedback module goes beyond listening to customers, it also tells you where and why a customer is happy or unhappy, and what to change to its operational capabilities to improve. It transforms listening to hearing what actions are required for increasing satisfaction and ongoing loyalty.

Akin to using an MRI to find the root cause of a health issue that has been impacting an athlete’s performance, the MRI for Businesses Customer Feedback module incorporates a holistic organization framework that identifies the root causes that could be limiting an enterprise’s growth, or specific symptoms such as sales or margin issues, customer turnover, brand value and goodwill.

For example, perhaps your customers are happy with the service they get when they call your CSR’s, but perhaps they are not too impressed with the company when it comes to innovative new products. Or maybe you will discover that although your customers are satisfied with the service and the pricing, they believe that it needs to be more adaptive to the rapidly changing business climate as their competitors seem to be. The MRI For Business Customer Feedback module will give you insight into where these non-traditional issues exist, and a road map of what areas of your business to focus on to improve.

The MRI For Business Feedback modules are the result of a meta-research initiative that identified the five strategic areas that every successful business must strive to master: Customer Satisfaction, Innovation, Agility, Operations, and People. Each one is quantified by three essential capabilities. These are expanded upon in the Author’s book – The HALO EFFECT – Creating High-performing, Agile Learning Organizations, available on Amazon.

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