Jeff Bezos, did not know about the MRI for Businesses methodology, based on The HALO Effect when he started his company. He may still not know about over 20 years later. Yet intuitively he has become one of the leading examples of the implementation of all the principles and designs of the the MRI for Businesses methodology.

Jeff is not the only one who has traveled the same path without any knowledge of our methodology. There are many more success stories of companies who have done likewise. Unfortunately, in the context of millions of businesses, his and the other truly equivalent success stories are extremely few.

Jeff believed that by creating a business whose mission was 100% focused on customer delight, would lead him to be successful. He could not walk the talk however, without the full engagement of every aspect of his company.

The HALO Effect methodology is the theoretical embodiment of the 4 Pillars that Jeff Bezos has intuitively institutionalized in making his company so successful.

The process-ideal of continuous improvement serves as a direction for organization action, not as an endpoint. Amazon under Jeff Bezos leadership embodies those characteristics. Ideals are ultimate standards, never 100% attainable. Amazon’s continued success will be dictated by how well they continue that pursuit.

The HALO Effect methodology, allows Amazon, and any company of any type and size, to measure and evaluate its business on the same Pillars as Amazon, but with a level of detail within each Pillar that can be converted into action initiatives for improvement. Leveraging technology and the Internet, it presents objective and easy to interpret feedback in the form of analytics economically, quickly – within days and is non-invasive.

All commercially operating businesses are complex, and the complexity expands as the business grows.

The complexity being due to the infinite variables generated by the mixing of multiple persons, each with unique backgrounds, capabilities, interests, needs; including customers, suppliers, managers and employees; along with their operational systems, locations, markets, technology deployed and products.

The MRI for Businesses solution, quickly and inexpensively turns that complexity into a functional business improvement resource.

The company benefits from a 360 view of what’s going right and what could be going better in all areas of the organization, with special emphasis on the customer’s point of view. That feedback is then qualified by the feedback from management and staff allowing them to prioritize what to focus on what needs to be done to drive customer delight.

The recently released book Be Like Amazon – Even a Lemonade Stand can do It, by Bryan and Jeffery Eisenberg and Roy Williams, is a demonstration of how understanding the four Pillars can be applied to any company. The HALO Effect methodology is used in their free survey and is the next step to take a deep dive into each company to allow them to take the actions required to allow them to create a continuous improvement culture to Be Like Amazon.