Based on The HALO Effect – creating High-performing, Agile, Learning Organizations The MRI For Business diagnostic is a disruptive approach for diagnosing, developing and monitoring enterprises. It is a non-financial benchmark resource for evaluating the performance of any type and size of organization. Its intellectual engine is based on extensive research of successful enterprises, encompassing the five (5) strategic challenges that all enterprises have to deal with:

  • Increasing their Operational Effectiveness based on how well costs are managed, and the efficiency and quality of products and services.
  • Generating Organization Agility based on rethinking strategy, redesigning structures and reengineering processes.
  • Creating Customer Satisfaction based on how well it focuses on its customers, creates customized products and/or services to differentiate itself, and works at partnering with its customers to drive their success.
  • Expanding its Learning Culture by embracing the power of engaging their workforce, developing their competencies and creating a collaborative environment.
  • Realizing Innovation Opportunities through continuous improvement of their product and services, creating new offers, being aware of the marketplace and competition, and leveraging this knowledge both in the market and within their organization.

CSID OO Framework
The MRI for Businesses Framework Infographic
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The MRI For Business diagnostic is a comprehensive method that indicates how the organization currently rates on each of the 15 essential capabilities prescribed by the MRI for Businesses© map. In order for the organization to get a measure of its strengths and weaknesses, each essential capability has to be measured. The methodology combines targeted open-ended customized questions for every company with two indicators to assess each capability based on our researched universal framework. For the latter all respondents are asked to rate:

  • A general impression of the strength of this capability in the organization
  • The extent that the organization follows a particular practice typical of this capability

Thus the questionnaire for both the internal stakeholders and customers contains two questions for each of 15 essential capabilities for a total of 30, plus the custom questions that an individual client can request for its project.

The MRI for Businesses© is an evidence-based diagnostic that uses proven data, analysis and research to understand the connection between various organization practices and business outcomes such as culture, operation effectiveness, customer satisfaction, innovation, and openness to change.

This evidence based approach is the only methodology that is based on a formal comprehensive research of long-term successful companies, has been used by hundreds of organizations of differing sizes and industries, and provides both industry and sector benchmarking capabilities.

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Reference the book The HALO Effect by Jerry Tarasofsky, for a more in-depth understanding of the MRI for Businesses diagnostic.