No company wants unhappy customers. Whether it’s in making sure a company maintains high levels of repeat business as part of its growth plan or in protecting its brand and good will, knowing how its customers rate its strengths and weaknesses is key.

While it’s easy to run a customer survey that gives a numerical ‘happy or unhappy’ score, or subjective answers of what I like or do not like feedback, or multiple touch point symptoms, wouldn’t it be better to get results that uncovered the root issues that may be inhibiting the company’s growth. Being satisfied can vary by specific incidents that are positive or negative. Being loyal however, is an indicator of an overall organization relationship that transcends incidents and expresses a long-term commitment.

CSI’s MRI For Businesses© diagnostic goes beyond listening to customers, it also tells you where and why a customer is happy or unhappy, and what to change to its operational capabilities to improve. It transforms listening to hearing what actions are required for increasing satisfaction and loyalty.

Akin to using an MRI to find the root cause of a health issue that has been impacting an athlete’s performance, the MRI for Businesses diagnostic incorporates a holistic organization framework that identifies the root causes that could be limiting an enterprise’s growth, or specific symptoms such as sales or margin issues, customer turnover, brand value and goodwill. In addition the MRI For Businesses© customer focused diagnostic goes beyond by pointing to potential solutions that the company can take, most often on its own or by retaining specific experts.

Doesn’t your business need to know where these kinds of issues exist, an advanced warning of potential competitive problems and a road map of what areas the business needs to focus on?

Our MRI for Businesses Diagnostic is the result of a meta-research initiative that identified the 5 areas that every successful business must strive to master: Customer Satisfaction, Innovation, Agility, Operations, and People. There are 3 essential capabilities in each of these areas. These are expanded upon in the Author’s book – The HALO EFFECT – Creating High-performing, Agile Learning Organizations, available on Amazon.

Our methodology measures customers’ perceptions of the company’s performance in each of these 15 essential capabilities. This allows for pinpointing weak areas that need to improve for maximum business growth. And, identifies gaps in alignment across the company and its customers that need to be addressed. Being metric driven, change can be monitored and a culture of continuous improvement created.

For example, perhaps your customers are happy with the service they get when they call your CSR’s, but perhaps they are not too impressed with the company when it comes to innovative new products. Or maybe you will discover that although your customers are satisfied with the service and the pricing, they believe that it needs to be more adaptive to the rapidly changing business climate as their competitors seem to be. CSI’s MRI For Businesses© diagnostic methodology will give you insight into where these kinds of issues exist, and a road map of what areas of your business to focus on to improve.

CAPABILITY CSI’s Survey Your Survey?
Questions based on tens of thousands of hours of research into the essential customer satisfaction characteristics of successful businesses
Measures customer loyalty, with specific indicators for improvement
Insights on how customers rate the company’s brand value
Indicates how customers see the company’s ability to innovate and adapt to change
Provides insights on actions that you can take to improve your  satisfaction level for all customers, and to drill down for improvements for individual customers
Includes up to three levels of customer segmentation, such as by types of customers, product lines or geography
Handles multi-languages within a single survey
Offers 360⁰ business diagnostic comparing how management, staff and customers rate the company, and identifying any issues with alignment, company culture, management effectiveness
A resource for monitoring change by periodically re-running the survey and comparing scores
Produced by an independent company, not a consultant
30 question survey completed easily and quickly by respondents in 5-7 minutes, at their convenience
Scoring on 1-10 scale leads to easy to interpret results
Report with actionable results available in as little as 2 weeks
Proven by hundreds of companies of all sizes and in all industries
Results guaranteed or you don’t pay!

Contact us now to learn how our disruptive MRI for Businesses approach can provide you with your Customers’ perspective of your company’s strengths and weaknesses in the essential capabilities for business success. Results guaranteed!